Kunia Country Farms

-Locally Grown-

-Sustainably Grown-

-Aquaponically Grown-

Our Goal

Zero Impact Farming!


Kunia Country Farms began operations in 2010, and is now one of the largest aquaponic farms and producer of leafy greens in the state of Hawaii. We strive to deliver only the highest quality produce to supermarkets, restaurants, and local consumers. We harvest early morning twice a week to ensure freshness, with harvested produce refrigerated within 15 minutes of the stem cut. Boxed and ready to go in the same day, restaurants and distributors have our produce within 48 hours of the harvest. Please visit our gallery or click on one of the photos below.

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We Take Food Safety Seriously

Kunia Country Farms is food safety certified by the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture. The Farm has passed two Ranch audits with Superior ratings (the highest rating) and 99% scores. For a database of 3rd party audited farms in Hawaii, click here:

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BEI Educational Learning Center

The BEI Educational Deck plays host to visiting classes of school children from across the State of Hawaii. For more information please visit www.zeroimpactfarming.org.

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